Wolfpack Winter Essentials: Our Top 10 Items to Help You Through The Season

Wolfpack Winter Essentials: Our Top 10 Items to Help You Through The Season

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is colder, the holidays are in full swing, and every store is packed with the craziness of Christmas shopping.  If you are looking to avoid the holiday crowds and pick up some super unique items before the weather turns warm, look no further.  Tchaikovsky Bad Wolf merch has you covered.  Here are all of my favorite functional merch items that will be sure to bring a smile to any fans face.  



Unwook yourself- unwookably fresh scented soy candle (cinnamon vanilla) 


Who doesn’t love a good candle? With this candle you will get the amazing cinnamon winter scent with the coziness that comes with a candle.  And it’s perfect for year round.  Whether you want to take a nice relaxing bath or have family coming over who would not approve of the smells that come with being a wook, this is the perfect solution for you. 

Cosmic Spirit Wolf Unisex Bomber Jacket 


The weather outside is frightful. But this jacket is absolutely delightful.  Do yourself a favor and keep cozy with a stylin jacket.  The colors are super vibrant and the design is to die for.  Keep warm and turn heads wherever you go this winter as you rep the Wolfpack.  The sizing goes from extra small to 3XL and is made to order.  So you can be worry free that this is size inclusive, sustainable, and stylish.  


Rage- bot premium Sherpa blanket


This one’s for our ragebot fans! Looking to rep a dope artist while chilling at home or trying to keep warm on a chilly night this coming festival season? We got you.  Bundle up with this high quality blanket and rage hard this winter.  

Dubstep Made Me Do It! Black Unisex Hoodie. 


Back on the topic of jackets.  Who doesn’t need a warm hoodie in the winter? This one also basically gives you a free pass to do all the embarrassing things you want while wearing it.  Accidentally slipped and fell on some ice? Dubstep made you do it.  Sat on a random old man’s lap because you thought he was the mall Santa? Yeah that was just the dubstep. 

Unwook yourself- Unwookably Refreshing Green Tea and Citrus Hand and Body Wash. 


The biggest downside to winter is that it’s also cold and flu season.  Protect yourself from it and wash your hands.  It’s amazing smell comes from essential oils and is cosmos natural certified. So even the wookiest of wooks can keep their hands squeaky clean with no worries of harmful chemicals.


TBW Black Glossy Mug


If you’re anything like me you probably love sipping a warm drink on a cold night.  No matter your hot beverage of choice this is the perfect item for you.  Nothing goes better with a nice cup of hot chocolate than what I’m sure will become your favorite mug. 


Cosmic Spirit Wolf Raver Backpack 


I know a lot of us are traveling this year. What better way to combine functionality with style than a TBW backpack? Whether you need a carry on or just something to take with you while having your winter adventures, you are sure to love this water resistant Wolfpack.  

Galactic Spirit Wolf Stainless Steel Water bottle


Just because it’s cold out does not mean you don’t need to stay hydrated. I know all the fun holiday drinks will be all you want to consume. At least it’s all I want to drink.  So use this bottle to remind you to drink some water! You don’t get hydrated you stay hydrated.  Consider it a head start for all those summer festivals you have planned.  

Unwook yourself Unwookably Refreshing Green Tea and Citrus Hand & Body Lotion 


Winter is prime time for dry skin.  Save yourself some cracked knuckles and ashy elbows and moisturize. It’s vegan, cosmos natural, and smells delicious.  It almost makes you want to eat it (please don’t though. It’s for external use only.) Self care is for any season but with new years coming up I’m sure you got some resolutions. If moisturized skin is one of yours, this is for you!

TBW Ent. Official SnapBack Hat


Heat mostly leaves through your head and feet.  Keep the heat in and the cold out with this fire SnapBack.  Pair it with one of our hoodies for the ultimate TBW look.  

Thank you for reading about our TBW winter top 10 essentials. You guys have made 2023 great.  As a special thank you for taking the time to read this blog post use WINTER2023 to save on these items and more! Have a happy holiday season.  Stay warm and keep safe as we roll into the new year.  


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