Intricate Drips and Vibrant Colors: The Art of Squeejii

Intricate Drips and Vibrant Colors: The Art of Squeejii

Welcome to another edition of the Howl, the only EDM blog in tune with Lunar cycles. Stay tuned in the months to come, because when the full moon comes around so too might strange happenings here at The Howl. Welcome to the Wolf-Pack.

Name: Letom

Age: 27

Location: Rochester, NY

Genre(s): DRIP Bass 


Whether you’re a casual appreciator of EDM music or have fallen into the depths of the electronic sound, everyone remembers when that first song hit and you decided you loved it. For Squeejii this took place in 2016 when he recognized the impact music, and those that curate it, could have on others and their experience. From there it was only a matter of time before he found his way to being a disc jockey and eventually a producer. Over the years since he began his journey as DJAC3, he has put many years into the art of mixing and producing, linking up with other legends in his area and using all his knowledge to grow to the next level. From Whirley Wednesdays with his buddy Eric Flex, to opening for legends like Virtual Riot and SNAILS, he has used his experience and connections to grow into the artist he is today!

“I really admired the experience someone could give another person with DJ equipment and turntables” - Squeejii

Squeejii’s sound is something so unique to himself that he’s even given it a special name, and more than that, he has a whole font and logo for it. Drip Bass is what he uses to describe his sound, and if you listen to him you can feel it in the harmonics. A liquid sound, fluid and wet, that has the swagger of a person who just put on their freshest fit. Derived from his life and the influences that steered him as he grew in this culture, his music and sound display a cohesive story of the compound experience he has collected in his journey. From the days of listening to Big Room House and Jungle Terror genres, to the deep dive into trap, all of it led him to discovering his deep love for Dubstep, a genre that is able to match his own energy and engagement. With a solid 5 years of production experience and almost a decade of performing, Squeejii continuously demonstrates the novelty and versatility of a sound that one can only refer to as. “Drip Bass”.

“Create a brand and design music that is unique to you, and the right people will follow” - Squeejii

Not limited to the experiences he provides to the audiences that he captivates, he also had some advice for the upcoming artist that are contributing to the scene and just learning what it is that drives them in this industry. He pushes for artist to stay true to who they are, creating something uniquely them, and to build off the fact that sound and music is an experience people will remember through the engagement and authenticity of the artist and the music they make. You can find Squeejii in the New York scene most of the time, but its almost a guarantee that you’ll be able to find him at a stage near you in the near future. In the meantime, check out his links below to stay updated on his latest tunes, shows, and all other artist updates. 

“I do this for the love of music” - Squeejii


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