Rage-Bot Celebrates 4k On Soundcloud With An Epic New Mix

Rage-Bot Celebrates 4k On Soundcloud With An Epic New Mix

2023 has been quite the year for all of us.  We’re now nearing the end of it and have some exciting news to bring with you into the new year! Rage-Bot hit four thousand followers on SoundCloud and has released a mix to celebrate! With 20 minutes of nonstop filth and excitement start to finish you will be on the edge of your seat and will for sure become an instant favorite.  


Who is Rage-Bot? 

Rage-Bot is a dubstep producer from Denver Colorado who has changed the game in the genre.  With over 101.9k streams and 24.6k unique listeners in 2023 on Spotify alone, and more importantly to this post, 4k followers on SoundCloud he has created a wave in the edm industry that can only be done by a robot crafting robot music.  


Why is this mix so important? 

Hitting 4k on any platform is a huge milestone for every musician.  But what does the brains behind this mix himself have to say about it?  


Straight from the source, here is what this mix means to Rage-Bot!


"This MIX is full of unreleased originals and a few collabs as well. It means a lot personally to me because the amount of work, effort, and time put into each track and my brand over the years! This mix, to me, is some of my best work to date!" 


As you can see there is a ton of passion and energy placed into this and it’s our job to show it the love it deserves. 

When and Where can I find this? 

It’s out right now on SoundCloud (Linked below)! So make sure to give it a listen, follow him there, and on all his other platforms. Who knows? You may find you have a new favorite artist.  If you do, we got the merch for all the Rage-Bot fans, old and new.  


In closing, give Rage-Bot a round of applause and a huge congratulations for his achievements and go stream his celebration mix! He is an outstanding producer and dj. He absolutely deserves all the love we can send him so make sure to have fun listening.  I know you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did. 

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