Scafetta and Squeejii Join SNAILS in Syracuse

Scafetta and Squeejii Join SNAILS in Syracuse

Where: Wescott Theatre / Syracuse, NY

When: April 27th, 2024 / Doors: 7pm

Who: Scafetta, Squeejii, and SNAILS

An exciting announcement comes this way from two New York natives on Tchaikovsky - Bad Wolf’s roster. April 27th our very own Scafetta and Squeejii take the stage alongside a EDM legend, SNAILS. The venue has recently updated their A/V with a LED wall and new sound system, which guarantees an impressive audiovisual experience for any who decide to attend!

“Great time, every time. I love that venue” - Scafetta

Scafetta and Squeejii have known each other for 5-6 years, crossing paths many times throughout the New York EDM scene, even playing together a few times before this. That chemistry will surely come through as they each play their sets, bringing high energy and new experiences to the audience gearing up for the finishing touch of the legendary SNAILS. You can expect a lot of crowd engagement from these two as they love to be in the crowd before they perform, really getting a sense of what the audience really wants that night.

“My main goal for this show is a mosh pit or wall of death” - Scafetta

Both artist admire SNAILS even mixing his music in sets and following him as he grew for almost 9 years! This lineup is set to be SSSensational with the trifecta of S’s rocking the stage, delivering a unique high energy sonic experience that is sure to stick with the audience long after the night ends. There’s still time to buy tickets

“I feel like SNAILS has a unique sound design…I’m looking forward to meeting him!” - Squeejii

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