Howling Into Denver: Larimer Lounge Show to Kick Off 2024

Howling Into Denver: Larimer Lounge Show to Kick Off 2024

We have our very first show announcement for 2024! Come by Larimer Lounge in Denver Colorado to  see some of our very own artists play and kick off the new year with the wolf pack.  This will definitely be a night to remember.  

Who is playing? 

This lineup is absolutely jam packed.  You’ll get the chance to see Prismatic, Figmvnt, Rage-bot, and Xstinct.  Make sure to get there early so you don’t miss a single moment of magic. 

What genres can I expect to hear? 

This is going to be a very bass-heavy lineup. However each artist has a unique sound that will make sure to keep you on your toes the whole night.  Whether you’re a basshead yourself or are just looking for some live music this is an event you won’t want to miss.  

Who is able to come to this event? 

Anyone 16 or older can enjoy the show! Just grab a ticket and be ready to have a great time! 

Where can I get tickets? 

You can find tickets on their website.  Just click the link below.  Tickets will be $15 dollars a piece, make sure to get yours sooner rather than later.  We can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces. 


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