2024’s First Howl: INVRSN drops ‘On My Way’ to kick off the New Year

2024’s First Howl: INVRSN drops ‘On My Way’ to kick off the New Year

With tomorrow being New Years, what better time to drop some new music? Invrsn’s new song will be the first TBW release of the year and there’s no way we could have a stronger start to 2024. 

Who is INVRSN? 

Invrsn is an artist from Canada.  While he may be a rising star, his dedication and passion for music are undeniable. He has played alongside several incredibly talented musicians. He continues to evolve his sound and push boundaries in order to make a lasting impact in the industry. Keep an eye out for INVRSN as he continues to make waves with his music. 

Why should I listen to this song? 

If you like music that makes you feel like you’re in a movie this one's for you.  It combines a cinematic and ethereal sound with a beautiful combination of vocals and instrumental.  It goes from a semi melodic vibe into some drum and bass making it a masterpiece that you’ll want to add to your playlists. 

When and where can I listen? 

‘On my way’ will be available on all major streaming platform’s January first.  So make sure to keep an eye out for it’s release! 

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Thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing start to the new year.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.  

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